I’ve got my new shoes on….

I blame Lawrence Zinn.

Two weeks ago at the New Albany-Baldwyn football game, I bumped into Zinn on the sideline and noticed a unique pair of shoes he was wearing. The scuba diving-like shoes with slots for each toe intrigued me, even more so after discovering that they’re good for running.

I blogged a couple weeks ago about my recent return to running. The so-called “training” started up again this past summer, but I found myself lacking after I returned from vacation.
My sister gave me a little motivation recently, and we’re now both on the “Couch-to-5K” program. I’m completing the third week today, and by November, my hope is to run in a 5K in Starkville (not as cool as God’s Country, but it will do). I have also set aside some different races I’m interested in running, including one that I have always wanted to participate in, the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta.
But enough about that; back to the shoes.
With my return to running, I found it essential to pick a good pair of kicks, as my old marching band shoes are slightly past their prime.
If you’ve seen me around the past two years, you know that I’m almost always in flip flops, even in the winter. I hate wearing sneakers and socks, so when I saw Zinn wearing these odd shoes, I had to check them out.
They’re called Vibram Five Fingers, and they give you the feel of walking, running, etc., barefoot. After trying on a pair and running in them a couple of times, I’m totally sold, and these are perfect for me, because let’s face it, I know I would walk around barefoot if it were socially acceptable.
All this talk of running had my dad slightly concerned when we spoke last weekend. Now if you’re like him, who’s always told me “I’m so skinny, that if I stood sideways and stuck my tongue out, I’d look like a zipper,” know that I’m by no means cutting down on my trips to Wendy’s and Taco Bell; running is just a great way to stay in shape and socialize with others.
Which brings me to the New Albany Runs club. I thinks it’s great that there is a local group that encourages all levels of running. Everyone I spoke with before our run on Monday enjoys the social aspect while training for various races. I mean, if you’re going to run, why not have fun with others in the process?
So be on the lookout, as from time to time you’ll probably see me running in my “gorilla feet,” as my co-workers call them. For more on any of the topics I’ve discussed this week, check out my blog.