It looked good on my resume

I’m sitting here trying to sort out what happened to my weekend.

Fall is here, and I was going to finally get down to doing some serious gardening.
Our new house had some grass and a little bed of shrubs in the front when we moved in. But that was about it.
We had a large stone-edged flower bed added in the back shortly after we moved in. We wanted our backyard to be alive with flowers, similar to the backyard we had when we lived in Alabama.
Jenny still teases me about the resume I had for work when she first met me. She thought I sounded interesting because I was a Vietnam vet, and I loved travel and gardening.
I thought the gardening sounded good, and I had installed a sprinkler system in my yard in San Diego almost 30 years ago and decided that made me a gardener. It had been on my resume ever since.
But this summer, by the time the stone was in, it was July and too hot to plant trees or flowers, Jenny’s gardener/husband reasoned. We would put in a couple of trees, and lots of flower bulbs and roses as soon as the weather turned in the fall.
That was our excuse in July. Now, it’s October and I’m searching for a new explanation.
It’s all about time management, I guess. Trouble is, I’m not very good at that.
Oh, I started the weekend with good intentions. I even went to Lowe’s on my lunch hour Friday and looked at trees and roses.
There weren’t many to choose from. Most already had been sold, because lots of other folks had actually done what I said I was going to do.
By the time I got home from work on Friday, it was no time to talk about flowers and trees. Jenny already was watching her beloved Philadelphia Phillies play baseball on TV.
“Can’t you go to the New Albany football game without me, just this one time?” she pleaded.
Saturday we drove up to Memphis to visit Joe at college.
By the time we had taken him to lunch, driven him off campus to get a haircut, and talked to him about spending more time on school work (and doing his laundry), it was time to head home.
We arrived back in New Albany just in time to walk our dogs and then debate whether we should watch the Missouri Tigers (my alma mater) or the Kentucky Wildcats (Jenny’s) on television.
We ordered pizza and started with the Tigers, switching back and forth until I fell asleep on the couch.
(Jenny wants me to tell you that during the car trips and the football games, she was grading papers. Not everyone in the family is a total sloth.)
Sunday afternoon we would be in the yard, I said. Then I noticed that there were two or three football games I wanted to watch. Oh, yes, and a baseball game or two.
But don’t think too badly of me. I did manage to slip out Sunday afternoon for 30 minutes and run the mower around the yard.
Does that pass for gardening?
I didn’t think so.

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