Proposed rental ordinance supported

Dear Edtor:

Concerning the proposal of an established code for rental properties:
I personally own two rental properties. I am in favor of action being taken by the city concerning the physical state of such properties.

I have discussed this issue with Mr. Dunnam and feel that, not only I have a clear understanding of the proposal, but also have an unbiased view of the concern that drove this motion to begin with.
There are areas of our community that not only lack “curb appeal,” but also bring question to the passerby that the structural security of the dwelling could be below par, in some instances to the extent that raises the issue of health concerns.
Substandard living conditions should not be lobbied on anyone. Especially when children are present, this is absolutely unacceptable, and should not be tolerated.
As a landlord, I truly believe that if a person enters into a rental agreement, that in their mind, they will, for an agreed upon monetary amount, have temporary entitlement to a dwelling that is secure for themselves and/or their family, that is safe of any hazard from electrical, plumbing, leakage, or any other abnormality that could endanger their wellbeing.
New Albany, as a whole, has experienced growth over the last decade. Efforts have been made by city leaders to move our community forward.
 For instance, the Sportsplex, renovations being made in our downtown area and the revitalization effects being made there.
Mr. Wiseman, along with others, spent a great deal of time with the proposal, induction, and oversight of our current Main Street program.
This proposal (the code for rental properties) is but another in the right direction for New Albany.
With Toyota coming in, do we really want to risk the opportunities available to us, or squander the efforts that city leaders, past and present, have afforded us for the few landlords that are too focused on immediate profit to take care of their tenants and be able to, potentially, see future growth.
I have grown up in this community and witnessed growth over the years. This is an opportunity to ensure that all our citizens’ basic housing needs are met, and that we will have a safe, viable, and visibly exciting offering to newcomers as we move forward as a community together.

Britt Jackson
New Albany