Experience youth football in Sherman

It’s not often that I have the chance to catch a good Monday night football game, but lucky for me, I was able to watch the Saints and Cowboys this week.
I know what you’re thinking, “Elizabeth, the Monday night game was the Jets and Vikings,” but before you think I’m crazy, I’m not talking about that Monday night game. It’s the Sherman pee-wee football league, which gives area kids a great chance to learn the game at a young age.
When I spoke with Sherman Park Director, Clark Rowan, last week, he described the atmosphere at the games, and it sounded intriguing.
Bleachers filled, kids of all ages playing and families coming together, I decided that I would go and see this for myself in some of my free time.
First off, my knowledge of Sherman goes no further than Wild Bill’s gas station off 78, so little did I know there’s life beyond that point.
When I first arrived at the park,  I saw exactly what Rowan was talking about. Grills were going, children were all over on the playground, and the stands were packed, as parents and family watched their Cowboys take on an opponent from Saltillo.
I stayed for roughly 30 minutes, long enough to get a feel for the atmosphere, and found that what they have going on in Sherman is pretty cool.
Giving kids an opportunity to take on a physical activity, such as football, at a young age is great, as it will benefit them by the time they hit junior high and can play competitive games, either for New Albany or Union County. Come to think of it, I’m surprised there’s not already a program in place for the kids, especially since there are leagues all around Union County (Baldwyn, North Pontotoc, Tupelo, etc.).
With football gaining as much popularity as it has the last two years (New Albany currently undefeated and Union County’s program coming together), imagine the possibilities if the future athletes have a chance to learn the game earlier than junior high.
Rowan definitely has a successful program going in Sherman, and it looks promising for the future of football in Union County.
So if your child isn’t playing in the league this year, head out to Sherman anyway and check it out for yourself, and keep an eye out for next year’s registration, which should be sometime in the spring.
Also, when you’re in Sherman, take time to grab some food at the Big “R” Drive-In. I stopped by on my way back to Oxford, and that was, hands down, the most amazing hamburger I’ve had in my life.