Making it better

The Union County Development Association has scheduled a public meeting next Tuesday to take a look at look at the community’s recent Riverfest event and start planning for next year’s festival.

The meeting is set for 5 p.m. in the Magnolia Room of the Magnolia Civic Center.
“All citizens interested in the future and the direction of the event are urged to attend,” said Phil Nanney, the association’s executive director.
Putting on a festival like RiverFest is a lot of hard work involving the UCDA staff, as well as other groups and volunteers. We applaud all those who have worked on the event, both this year and in the past. 
Keeping the festival fresh is important, and taking a close look at it each year and figuring out what went well and where it can be improved is a vital part of keeping it that way.
The festival, which has been built around the visual, literary and performing arts, has grown to where it is listed among the top 20 southeast events by the Southeast Tourism Society.
Lots of communities have festivals and would like to take our place on the top 20 list so it is important that New Albany recognize the festival’s artistic and literary niche to keep it an event that attracts a regional audience.
Bringing together all those in the community with an interest in the visual, literary and performing arts to sort out how to make next September’s event even better than this year’s is the right thing to do.
We applaud the development association for setting up a public meeting to get folks excited about the future of RiverFest.