New Albany defeats Union County football

The rivalry began Monday night as city and county squared off for the first time in junior varsity action.

Union County head coach Scott Duley’s ties with the Bulldogs run deep, as was imminent during pregame warm-ups. Now coaching against New Albany, Duley looks at the opportunity as a stepping stone for his program.
“It was a great opportunity, but unfortunately we were a little flat,” Duley said. “New Albany has a great squad, and they’re incredibly well coached. It’s our seventh game, and you can tell that the boys weren’t going to know what seven games felt like, but they did a good job. We’ve just got to get tougher, and we will get tougher.”
After a long run by Lawrence Zinn in the first half set up Spencer Day’s keeper to put New Albany up 8-0. With the same score in the second half, Zinn capped the scoring with his run, giving the Bulldogs the 14-0 win.
“I think they were even impressed at how well New Albany played, and we tried our best to prepare them,” Duley said. “They’re the best passing attack we’ve faced all year and we were able to work on our pass defense, but we need to work on it some more.”
Facing off against his friend and former defensive coordinator, New Albany head coach Ron Price knows the UC program is heading in the right direction under Duley.
“It’s exciting, and it’s a rivalry that will continue for years to come,” he said. “Union County did a tremendous job in selecting their coach in Coach Duley. He’ll teach them football, and he’ll teach them the right values they’ll need to know in life. Most of all, he’s a great, Christian man, and he will lead them in that right direction. I know the other coaches will follow Coach Duley, and they will continue to move that program in the right direction.”
Union County (4-3) will play one more game next week against Jumpertown.