Historic times for county football

I know all the talk lately has been surrounded around football, and that’s for good reason. Friday night, New Albany will travel to Shannon with a shot of winning their first division title since 1982.
Think about that. 1982 was well before any member of this team was born, and heck, it was even before I was born.
I know I don’t always get things right as far as the history of teams in the county, but that’s where all of you and our books with old issues come in handy.
I admit I’m a nerd when it comes to history, so I’ve had a lot of fun the past few weeks researching previous seasons and learning more about the area I cover and just how special this season has been so far.
Going into this year, everyone was cautiously optimistic looking at this team and knew that with the talent, depth and experience, great things would happen. The Bulldogs have lived up to all of their hype so far, and Friday’s game is sure to be another exciting one for the community.
This season has been a lot of fun for me so far, one because of New Albany’s success and also because of how the community has rallied around this team.
It’s great to see how well the fans have traveled so far, and last week was another example. NA easily took up their allotted space at North Pontotoc and then some, and whoever came up with the idea for the kids to have vuvuzelas is nothing short of pure genius (also note that there were some air horns in the stands, and if I knew I could get away with it, I’d so have one on the sideline).
Speaking of fans that travel well, Union County has shown great support for their team this season, even though they spend a majority of their time on the road.
I made the trip to Byhalia with UC last week, and yet again it was another game in which the visiting team brought more fans than the home team.
UC played in another notable game that took place earlier this week, with county and city playing in their first junior varsity game at Kitchens’ Field. It’s exciting to watch these teams face off, as it had the feel of any other in-county match-up.
With Union County going in the right direction with their football program, this is a game that I’m sure everyone will look forward to in the coming years, especially when UC has the chance to move up and play varsity games.
The county has already made history with their football program, and the Bulldogs are well on their way to continuing this trend and giving everyone something to look back at and remember.