Local training for Boston Marathon

Only a year and a half ago, New Albany City Attorney Roger McMillen and his son, Rutledge, made the decision to become competitive runners. Having run track in high school and running in races throughout his adult life, McMillen took on the challenge and will now have the opportunity of a lifetime to compete in the Boston Marathon in April.
“Rutledge was still in law school, and he decided that he wanted to improve his physical condition by running,” he said. “I was already doing a little myself, just trying to get back in shape and lose some weight, and we started corresponding back and forth about our workouts.”
A few 5K’s and 10K’s turned into half marathons, and before long, the duo were looking at full marathons to run.
“He decided he wanted to run a half-marathon, and the thought of running that distance was daunting, but he picked one around the first of the year, and after a few more half marathons, we were like ‘okay, what do we do next?,’ and for him it was to run a full marathon.”
With the ultimate goal of running in Boston on their minds, they selected the Chicago Marathon, held earlier this month, as their race to try qualifying for Boston.
“You have to have a qualifying time to run in Boston, and when we looked at races to run, Chicago popped up,” McMillen said. “It’s mostly a flat course, and the weather is supposed to be cooler, so we decided to run that race.”
Using a 17 week workout to train for the race, they competed, with McMillen qualifying in his age group at 4:12:30 and his son falling shy of in a more competitive age group.
“You hear that some of these marathons favor older people, and I believe that, because Rutledge ran a very impressive race in Chicago, but it is harder to qualify for Boston in his age group, whereas I did well despite the warmer than normal temperatures, and I made it three minutes under wire.”
McMillen will now train to run among 26,000 in Boston, and is thankful to have the opportunity because of the high popularity of the race.
“Last year it took about three months to fill the race,” he explained. “This year, it only took a day. All slots were filled, and lucky for me, I sat at my computer that morning, hitting refresh until I could register right when it opened.”
Although his son cannot participate with him, McMillen will still make the experience a family event, and enjoys the time he can spend sharing this with his son.
“It’s been one of the greatest experiences in my life,” he said. “It’s more like two friends running together than father and son, and I’m pleased with how far he’s come.”
The Boston Marathon will take place on April 18, 2011.