Center Hill News, October 27, 2010

Here I sit on Sunday night after sitting under Bro. Kevin Merritt and his teachings this past week. Sunday, Bro. Brandon picked up where Bro. Kevin left off so I know he had to leave his slobber on the microphone. We heard messages, from both of God’s men, of encouragement. Now, I want to encourage those of you who have not been to your church at Center Hill Baptist. We miss you, we want you and welcome you to come and be a part of us while we learn to grow and prosper in His word.

I’m only repeating three points that we’ve been taught: (1) Discernment: (know the difference of good and evil) (2) Direction: (there’s only two paths…one leads to Heaven and the other leads to Hell) and (3) Determination: (Have a dream. Set goals, and then unite and grow spiritually.) Abraham Lincoln said United we Stand…Divided we Fall. This is the motto that our great Country was founded and built on. This concept reminds us that unless we are united it is easy to destroy us.

This will be the last time I have to remind you that November 2nd is Election Day. Go out to your precinct and vote.

October 30th is fifth Sunday and we will be eating lunch after the preaching hour. After lunch we will return to the church about 1:30pm for singing. We are very honored and proud to have Bro. Tony Monk, Ms. Lisa and the girls coming to bless us with their singing. Our home people will be bringing special music, too. Come join us. We will have plenty of food, so when you get out of your church, just come on over to CHB, eat lunch, fellowship with us and hear some good singing and testimonies. There will be no evening services.

November 6th is our Harvest Festival. Hay rides, games, good food and a Womanless Beauty Review!!! How Fun is this going to be??? We will start at 5pm. Do come and fellowship with us and witness what beauties can be created from our side of the county.

Ms. Carolyn McCraw had her surgery this past Friday. Everything went good and I think they will be meeting with the doctors tomorrow, Monday. We hope and pray all the news will be good news. Continue to keep Ms. Carolyn in your prayers.

Mr. Virgil will be having a pacemaker put in tomorrow, Monday, October 25. Please keep him and Ms. Frances in your thoughts and prayers. We visited with them for a little while Sunday afternoon and she told me “Daddy” sure was good to her. They are so sweet to each other. When I grow up I hope I will be just as sweet and kind and loving as Ms. Frances. She has such a precious heart. We love Mr. Virgil and Ms. Frances.

 Happy Birthday this past Saturday, 10/24 to Billy Parish and Happy Anniversary to Steve and Becky Tutor. Clayton Pitts and his Mom will be celebrating their birthdays on Wednesday, October 27th.