County OKs digital land records

In the near future, Union County land records will be digitally archived and preserved.  

According to Union County Chancery Clerk Annette Hickey, the move will ensure the long-lasting quality of the documents and to prevent any more damage by tearing or smearing of the ink when people peruse through the paper books in the Union County Chancery building.

“The archiving will go back thirty years. The books will be converted to digital images by the Windward Group out of Louisiana,” Hickey said.

The estimated cost for this project is $11,844 and will come out of the chancery clerk’s budget. All of the details are not definite yet, but there was discussion at Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting about having attorneys and possibly the general public access this information via the internet at home by paying a monthly fee. Lafayette and Marshall counties have already instituted this archival process.

Currently, anyone can come into the Union County Chancery building and look up land deeds but he or she cannot access this material from home or from another computer outside of the chancery building. The board approved this project at Monday morning’s meeting.

Also on the agenda were three quotes that were taken under advisement for roof construction for Judge Talmadge Littlejohn’s office building.

Scott Dunnam of New Albany put a bid in for $16,000, Steel-Con Inc., also of New Albany, put a bid in for $18,950 and Bobby Chambers out of Thaxton put a bid in of $18,900.00. The board discussed that this roof was flat and the goal is to add a vaulted roof on top of the existing roof.

In addition, the board tabled the discussion to talk about a contract for an inmate physician to be hired at the Union County Jail. That discussion will take place at a future date when Sheriff Tommy Wilhite gets more information.

The board also approved tags surrendered for September 2010 from the Union County Tax Assessor’s Office, manual checks for tag renewals for the Union County Sheriff’s Department, solid waste write-off register, two school bus turnarounds, inventory deletions, 2010 annual fixed assets inventory reports, medical examiner fees, bailiff pay, Union County Justice Court Clerks fall conference ,dues and registration for election commissioners to attend ECAM 2010 Convention for election commissioners, circuit clerk fees, chancery clerk fees for term of court, contractural agreement for Third Circuit Drug Court with Lexis Nexis to provide background checks, and approved payment for storage of bridge beams to be stored for Local System Bridge Project-73 (17).

 The board will reconvene Monday, November 1, 2010 at 10 a.m. in the Chancery building. All public is invited to attend.