Honoring seniors and champs

Seems like each week gets more and more exciting!
I’m happy that I was able to stand on the sideline last week and witness history, as the Bulldogs won their first division title in 28 years and first in Division 1-4A. This team has come a long way from when I started at the Gazette in 2008, and I believe it’s because the right men are in charge of this program.
Ron Price and his staff have done a tremendous job over the last two seasons in building this program into a respectable one, and they are doing it the right way, instilling values and teaching lessons that will benefit the kids both on and off the field.
There’s no team more deserving of the recognition and attention, and I’m proud to have the opportunity to cover them every week.
But let’s be honest, any time a team is winning, it makes my job that much easier.
I thought back earlier in the week about each school and how I’ve had the chance to cover championship teams throughout my almost two and a half years in Union County.
Every school has won at least one championship since 2008, and that’s an astounding statistic considering the number of schools here and the level of talent they compete against. It should also be noted that these kids are not only achieving athletically, but academically as well, which is pretty awesome and rare to see a good combination of both.
Now, I’m not trying to jump the gun and crown this team a champion just yet, but they are in good shape to make a legitimate run in the playoffs. I, like so many, have Nov. 19 circled, hoping that, if all turns out well, New Albany will face off against Lafayette in the third round.
But that’s three weeks away, and that’s three opponents the Bulldogs would have to face before that can happen, starting with Tishomingo County on Friday.
Twenty-one football seniors, along with others from cheerleading and band, will be honored before the game, and this is a special night for the community. Not only will the ‘Dawgs try to end the regular season at 11-0, but everyone will have the opportunity to celebrate the careers of the kids being honored.
It’s sure to be an exciting night at Kitchens’ Field and I’m willing to bet it will be another great crowd in attendance to watch the Bulldogs achieve yet another one of their goals for the season.
The coaches have said to take it one game at a time and with that mentality, maybe we’ll find ourselves in Jackson in another month, cheering on a champion.