Ellistown Breezes, October 29, 2010

What a beautiful Sunday morning.  The sun is shining, the fall leaves are floating downward as they flirt with the soft blowing breezes, and my crepe myrtle tress are beautifully dressed in their fall attire. According to our weather prediction I had best enjoy them today because by next Sunday the weather will be much cooler.

Happy Birthday to Merrill Scott today, October 24th; to Lawrence Houston Roberts on October 28th (his 21st), and to Peggy Humphreys on October 30th. Next Tuesday, November 2nd, Matt Roberts will be 16 and it is also Melba Hurts birthday.  May you all enjoy many more.

Last Thursday about fifteen of our senior citizens packed their lunch and drove to Tishomingo State Park for a picnic.  They also walked on the swinging bridge and enjoyed a day out.

Our Senior Adults were scheduled to leave this past Monday for the Smokey Mountains.  I believe they will be attending a conference where Dr. David Jeremiah will be one of the speakers.  They are probably back by now.  Hugh, Cristie and Maggie McCraw just returned from a week in the mountains and reported the leaves to be much like they are here. 

Of course they enjoyed one of those cabins hanging on a cliff high up on the mountainside where bears will certainly visit you.

Thursday, November 4th, is the county wide senior adult meeting at Ellistwon Baptist Church.  Make plans to join us.

I just talked with Anita, one of Carolyn McCraw’s daughter’s and she tells me Carolyn is doing fine after her lung surgery.  

She, in fact, has been up and down the hall of the hospital. 

My strength is slowly returning and I can tell each week that I am a little stronger. Hopefully, when I see my doctor November 2nd I cAn shed my back brace.  

 If not, then I’ll wear it a little longer.