New Haven News, October 29, 2010

Jennifer Manning


Happy Halloween and this is no trick, we now have 30 attending New Haven.  My name is Jennifer Manning and I want to welcome Dealie Harris and Douglas Perkins.  They said they wanted to come to New Haven to walk with us, and that will not be a problem. 

We recently visited Dogwood Plantation.  We enjoyed visiting with all the residents.  Of course, Ms. Gladys Davis has been a special friend for a long time, and Mr. Don Parker is a special friend we got to know last year.  We celebrated September and October birthdays for the residents and for us.  Mr. Mike drove us and Ms. Rheta  Ann went with us, too.  She played the piano when we sang Happy Birthday.  We also sang, “If You’re Happy And You Know It.”  Alexis sang, “ Sweet Low” and Stella sang, “Amazing Grace.”  They sang so pretty Ms. Rheta Ann didn’t need to play the piano. We were also excited to give Mr. Will a last name.  He had told us on our last visit that he did not have a last name, and we promised him that we would think of one for him.  We decided that Bobo would be a good last name for him; we think he liked it, too! 

Ms. Rheta Ann has helped us learn about vegetables that grow above and below the ground.  She brought all kinds of vegetables to show us and we had to tell her where we thought they grew.  We were right sometimes and wrong sometimes.  We also tried to think of different ways to cook different vegetables. The biggest surprise was potato candy! We also learned that a tomato is not a vegetable, but a fruit!  She brought some raw vegetables for us to try at lunch.

Ricky Joe’s parents recently treated us to pizza for lunch.  We had never seen such big pizzas! We had banana pudding for dessert.  Thank you, Mr. Ed and Ms. Wanda.

October is Fire Prevention month and we visited the fire department.  The Fire Chief told us all about the fire truck.  We got to walk through the back of it.  Two of the firemen dressed in their turn out gear, and told us why they wear it.  We also saw the special equipment they use for breathing when they are in smoke.  The firemen gave us a badge, fireman’s hat, and coloring book.  It was a great trip, plus the weather was beautiful so we enjoyed the walk.

I am excited about volunteers from the Literacy Council helping some of us learn how to read better.  My tutor is Ms. Marjorie Livingston.  Other tutors are Ms. Diane Shoemake, Ms. Nancy Meechum, and Ms. Anne Holmes.  

We have been keeping our can man, Mr. Johnny Davis, busy. He has sold 468 pounds of cans for us in September and October.  Mr. Davis thought he had all the cans loaded, but Ms. Sandra Sisk brought some before he left.  He also sold cans at the beginning of the year that were collected over the summer. We have earned $323.75 and we are going to use it to pay for our trip to Memphis.  Please keep saving your cans for us. Mr. Jack Dalton and his grandsons, Paul Cooper and Montgomery brought cans recently.  Also, our friend, Mr. Parker from Dogwood, has brought cans twice this month.  

Don, Patrick, Deb, and Jeana represented us at the Mississippi On Wheels car show.  The car club has supported New Haven for many years, and we want them to continue.  

 You can see there is always something happening at New Haven.