Vuteq gets go ahead from Toyota



Just over four months after announcing plans to open its Blue Springs plant in the fall of 2011, Toyota has contacted Tier 1 supplier Diversity-Vuteq with tentative plans for its scope of work.

According to Diversity-Vuteq-New Albany President Chris Spence, Toyota Motor Corporation contacted the supplier last week.

“We received our letter of intent from them just last week,” Spence said.  “Mainly, we will be constructing interior plastic parts for the Corolla, as well as some glass assembly at the New Albany facility.”

He said that some of the plastic parts would include molds for cup holders for the rear passenger seats.

“Everything is still in the early stages, though,” he said.  “We haven’t yet received a large amount of detail on the scope of work.”

Spence said that a portion of the employees of the New Albany plant will work at the Toyota plant in support of operations there.

“Combined, we’re looking at a 400 plus mark in terms of employment at the facility,” Spence said.  “A majority of them will be located at our plant and the rest will be at the Blue Springs plant.”

In order to help with the hiring process, a WIN Job Center unit will be located at the Union County Development Association office on Bankhead Street in New Albany next week to take applications.  The Mississippi Department of Employment Security is overseeing the hiring process.

Spence said that a few employees will be hired in November and the remaining jobs will be filled between mid-November and next September.

He went on to say that a total of 10 injection-molding machines will be installed at some point before next fall as well.

“We’ve received some machinery from the plant that closed down in California,” Spence said.  “We will start construction to finish the building in the next 10 days and then installation of machinery will follow.”

Diversity-Vuteq originally announced in March 2008 its plans to open a facility in Union County when Toyota still planned to make the Highlander.

The supplier does, however, have experience making parts for the Corolla at its plants in Canada and California.

Typically, Diversity-Vuteq specializes in plastics, injection, molding, sequencing and assembly.

 Diversity-Vuteq employment applications


Who:  WIN Job Center

When: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Nov. 1 through Nov. 4

 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Nov. 5

Where: Union County Development Association office.