I got a feeling…

When it gets to the point where I can no longer wear flip flops outside without feeling like my toes  are going to freeze off, and it’s time for me to move indoors, I know it’s basketball season.
I’ve been so caught up with football and whatnot, that the new season kind of snuck up on me, and before I knew it, I looked at my calendar and saw the next few months loaded with games and tournaments.
I got my first feel for the new season last weekend, hanging out at New Albany for part of their preseason jamboree. My main objective was to talk to Moses Kingsley (one of the coolest kids you’ll ever meet, if you have the chance to talk with him), but I wanted to get into basketball mode and get that feeling back, like what I had last year.
Don’t know what I’m talking about?
Well it’s hard to describe, but I found myself totally engulfed with last season, and rightfully so since I had plenty of good basketball to watch.
It all started the weekend of the Union County Tournament. That was probably the most fun I’ve had covering three straight days of basketball, and by the end, I felt like I should have taken up permanent residence in Ingomar’s gym. And they had Fried Oreos. That helped, too.
When you cover as many games as I do every year, it begins to wear on you, so even if you love your job, there’s the tendency to fall into a boring routine.
But this wasn’t the case last year. From the UCT on, every game was more exciting than the last, and then I traveled down to Jackson to watch four teams in the state tournament.
Now, I hate the drive to Jackson, but there’s no way you can’t be pumped about going down there to cover three separate schools, each playing for a state title.
And by the looks of it, I could be booking another trip to Jackson this year, as several teams are loaded again this season.
Announced earlier this week, New Albany’s girls are, no surprise, the top ranked team in the Clarion Ledger’s preseason Super 10 (all classes represented).
Also, Jazmine Spears is a member of the paper’s elite Dandy Dozen, while Aspriona Gilbert of Myrtle was named a “non-senior to watch” this year. Spears honor is especially unique since she is the only sophomore named to the Dandy Dozen, making her the youngest honoree.
 Union County currently boasts a defending state champion and two runner-ups, so there’s no doubt that we are all in store for another exciting season, and I’m ready for it to begin!