Proud of Bulldogs

The New Albany Bulldogs football team has completed an undefeated regular season for the first time since 1963. In doing so, the team also tied the most wins ever by a New Albany team, a record set in 1982 by a team that went l1-2 and lost in the state championship game.

It’s been a season of excitement for the community, and the community support at both home and away games reflects that excitement. We expect that will continue when the Bulldogs play a playoff game with Tunica Rosa Fort at 7 p.m. Friday at the New Albany stadium.
New Albany is justifiably proud of the football team and its record. But what makes us more proud is the way the team and the New Albany coaching staff has gone about the business of playing football.
What we have noticed is that the team and the coaches represent the school and the city in an appropriate manner.
There is little or none of the taunting of other players, berating of officials or unsportsmanlike conduct that is so common today in sports, even at the high school level.
We attribute that to good leadership. It starts at the top with Superintendent Charles Garrett and the administrative staff at the high school.
But most of the praise should go to Coach Ron Price and his staff. The coaching staff is known for being taskmasters, for holding demanding practices and for imparting good values that set the tone for the team and its players. There is little tolerance for falling short of the standards.
Win or lose in the playoffs, the team and its coaches deserve our accolades for their performance, both on and off the clock.