Ward 4 and the future

The election to fill the vacant seat on the New Albany Board of Aldermen has sparked an unusual frenzy of candidates.

Nine residents qualified for the Monday special election to fill the remainder of the Ward 4 term of the late Bill Tucker. If no candidate gets a majority, and that seems highly likely, a runoff election will be held two weeks later.
We’re not going to endorse any candidate in this election, but we will offer our thoughts on the importance of the election for the future of New Albany.
In our opinion, our town is at a fork in the road. Will we be a pro-active community reaping the economic and quality of life benefits from a progressive, forward-thinking city government? Or will we be content to sit by, letting whatever happens happen, and shrivel as a community while others around us progress?
Important issues lie ahead: Completing the expansion of the Sportsplex. Putting teeth into ordinances aimed at combating property deterioration and eyesores. Developing a plan for capitalizing on tourism that will come with the opening of the Tanglefoot Trail. Improving the city water system. Establishing minimum standards for rental housing.  Putting together a plan for a community swimming pool. Supporting continued improvement of our public schools. Recruiting more businesses and industries that contribute to economic development.
We hope Ward 4 voters ask candidates their views on these and other issues of importance to them before casting a vote. Progressive candidates make for a progressive Board of Alderman. And a progressive board will help insure our city has a bright future.