Local group of nurses joins 60-mile walk in fight against breast cancer

A group of local nurses recently embarked on a 60-mile trek to battle a disease that affects one in eight women – breast cancer. 

The group goes by the name Surgi-Girls and consists of eight women from Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County, but the ones who went on the walk were Amanda Moore, RN, Susan Brown, RN, Melonie Rakestraw, RN, Kellie Kidd, RN, and Cheryl Sanders, CRNA.

These women traveled to Dallas, Texas Nov. 5-7 to walk in the 2010 Susan G. Komen Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day for the Cure. All of these nurses have known someone personally that has been affected by breast cancer or has worked with patients that have been diagnosed with or have battled or are currently battling with breast cancer.

All five women agreed that the walk was a life-changing experience, was challenging, emotional, and was well worth the miles and miles each put on their walking shoes.

Amanda Moore, RN, said, “It was a challenging walk, but we were walking for other women. We all wanted to do something together for a good cause.”

The women walked approximately 60 miles in three days, breaking it up into approximate 20-mile segments each day.

The Surgi-Girls had been training for a few months before the walk, walking on Saturdays and Sundays mainly.

Some of Kellie Kidd’s family members have been affected by breast cancer. “It was a very emotional walk. We were walking for so many women and so many families. This experience makes us want to do another walk,” said Kidd.

The group had to raise a total of $2,300.00 each for this walk, so fundraisers have been held throughout the year and private donations have been accepted too. 

All of the participants in this walk had a pink tent camp set up and had different meeting places to meet up for the walk. Snacks were provided every three miles and hot meals and hot showers were provided as well.

The Surgi-Girls shared a common thread by saying, “If these women can survive chemotherapy and survive breast cancer, we can definitely walk for them.”

Moore said, “It was amazing that so many people would come together for a great cause. It was a great journey and a life-changing experience.”

 All of the women talked about the fact that so many people came up to them while they were walking and thanked them for walking. All agreed that it was  a very rewarding, overwhelming, and emotional experience and plan to go on another walk.