Superstitions and the big game

I’m a believer in the voodoo stick.
I wrote earlier this season about the cute superstition New Albany football picked up this year, where they place something on the stick symbolizing each team they defeated, and after a couple isolated incidents, I think there’s something to it.
A lot of sports fans fall into this craze, thinking that if they do or wear something, their team will win. I admit there’s a Colts shirt I wore for the Super Bowl last year and for the first game of this season. They lost on both accounts, and needless to say, that shirt remains in my closet; worn only on days Peyton Manning and company are not playing.
But this stick, if placed in its proper spot on the sideline, leaning against the defensive symbol, the wood, has brought success for the Bulldogs. What happens when it’s not there? See the first half of last week’s game at Kosciusko.
Once it was brought to my attention that the stick made its way to its proper place, I shared a good laugh with some people on the sideline, and whether it’s true or not, who knows. In the end, it’s just another fun addition to a great season.
Now am I saying this the sole reason the Bulldogs are succeeding? Of course not, I haven’t completely fallen off my rocker, yet. This is an extremely talented team that’s worked hard and earned the right to make it to this point. But who says there can’t be a little goofy fun along the way?
Tonight, the Bulldogs face their toughest test yet, hosting defending 4A north half champion and undefeated Lafayette. Ticket sales are through the roof, extra bleachers are being brought in, and all eyes will be on New Albany. This is what the community has waited for.
And it’s not just New Albany talking; it’s all of Union County. I’ve enjoyed speaking with everyone in the community about the big game, and even happier to see everyone rallied around this team. I know the county rivalries are intense, but in the end, everyone wants to see the other succeed, and that’s what it’s all about.
Regardless of the outcome, this will be an exciting, historic night at Kitchens’ Field. The Gazette has included a special section today, previewing the game, and hopefully all of you reading will be in attendance or at least near a radio or computer to listen to the game. I know I’m excited and ready for a good game.
But for what it’s worth, let’s make sure the voodoo stick makes it to its appropriate place, if for nothing else, for the peace of mind of us who are superstitious.