A problem of success

It’s quietly become one of New Albany’s big events of the year.

We’re talking about the New Albany Main Street Holiday Open House, which drew a couple thousand people to participating shops and businesses Sunday afternoon.
Twenty-six businesses, most in the downtown area, participated in this year’s holiday event, up from 22 last year.
We think there are three reasons for the growth: 1) the number of businesses in the downtown area is growing; 2) the list of existing businesses wanting to participate is growing, and 3) the event has been effectively managed and marketed by Vickie Duke and the Main Street Association.
And those who participate in the holiday open house do the kinds of things that keep people coming back. Some decorate a lot, some serve refreshments and some have a special sale. Whatever the formula, it seems to be working.
Success sometimes brings with it problems, of course. The event has gotten so large that it is impossible to make the rounds of the shops between 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Duke said the association may need to look at extending the hours next year to deal with the crowd.
It’s a good problem to have. We congratulate the New Albany Main Street Association for cultivating this event and making it grow.