Form a plan group

A meeting last week to discuss “The State of Union County,” and consider ways to improve it, left us a little cold.  And not just because the heat wasn’t turned on in the Magnolia Civic Center, either.

Oh, the folks from CREATE Foundation in Tupelo, who presented the material, did their job with a Power-Point presentation outlining statistics about Union County and where we rank with Northeast Mississippi, the state and the nation in a number of subject areas.
We rank OK in some areas, but in others, including the percentage of the population that has not graduated high school, the statistics are less encouraging.
Lewis Whitfield, senior vice president of CREATE, told attendees that New Albany and Union County have a lot of qualities that make a “good community,” but he challenged the community to set down some goals to make it a “great community.”
He said the community will grow with the addition of the Toyota manufacturing plant, and, he said, now is the time for the community to be pro-active and prepare for the growth.
He mentioned that Alcorn County has a community-wide planning group setting out community goals and creating plans to meet those goals.
But that was about as far as it went.
Attendance at the event was sparse and only a few comments were offered from the audience before the meeting ended.
It seems to us that someone needs to kick-start such a group in our county. We have a good community, but there is much work to be done to make it an even better one.