Shop, and shop locally

The holiday season is here and for most of us, it’s the season when we do more spending than at any other time during the year.

So, it’s a logical time to take stock of what we are going to purchase and whether the items can be bought locally. If an item can be purchased at a business in Union County, we hope you will do so.
Money spent locally not only supports local business and their employees, but also has a ripple effect as the money is spent and re-spent in the local economy.
We understand that for some items, the selection in our community is limited or even not available. We just ask that you shop our county first. If you don’t find what you are looking for, venture out to Tupelo or Oxford and at least keep the money in our region.
We do discourage you from making online purchases for gifts that are going to be given locally. To do so just hurts businesses and the overall economy in our region, and often results in sales tax revenue not coming back to our community.
Buying locally, or at least regionally, is a good plan to follow throughout the year, too. Our economy in northeast Mississippi only is as good at you make it.
So, have a merry shopping season in local stores.