Be a Good Samaritan

Getting food to low-income families is the mission of the Union County Good Samaritan Center and the job is getting bigger every month.

That’s the word from Sally Zemek, executive director of the center, who oversees the operation at 806 Jay Street that is a lifeline for many families in our county.
The number of families qualifying for aid is going up; the center served a record 581 families and distributed more than 18,000 pounds of free food in November, she said.
And 52 new families qualified last month, about double the average, she said.
“We’re seeing lots of working families whose work hours have been reduced,” she said.
About 5,000 pounds a month comes without charge from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the center gets about 10,000 pounds from a food bank in Memphis.
The rest has to come through donations of money and food locally, she said.
All of the food goes to families who are screened to be sure they meet federal guidelines, she said, assuring that the program is serving those really in need.
The Good Samaritan Center has an excellent track record in our community and we hope you will consider a financial donation, or a gift of food, to help keep the center operating.
Just drop by the center between 10 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday each week and leave your donation check or food.
Or even better, sign up to volunteer to work at the center, too, while you are there.
Your contribution will help make a difference in our community.