New Haven News, December 8, 2010

Hi, People. My name is Justin Bates. If you know me, you know that I like coming to New Haven.  We are always doing something even when we stay at the building. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. We had a Thanksgiving meal at New Haven.  Stella and Ruby cooked the turkey and James’ mother bought dressing for us. We enjoyed our break, but we were also ready to come back. Some of us, including me, wanted to talk about the Egg Bowl, but some did not want to talk about it.

Before the holiday we talked about how much we have to be thankful, and it’s a lot.  Just recently we received donations from the Junta Club, Ms. Kathryn Ann Kitchens, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. David Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Speck, Tim Dillard, and Mr. Don Parker.

We can’t keep up with everyone who brings us cans and cards, but I do know that Ms. Sandra Sisk and Mr. and Mrs. Marques brought cans recently. Mrs. Marques also gave us some big Legos and prizes for bingo. We are getting cans ready for Mr. Davis to sell for us before the Christmas break.  You wouldn’t believe how much fun we have doing that. 

We have some new games.  Ms. Shepard from Memphis gave Dewey a big stack of games to bring to us.  We only had about two of them, but there are so many of us we need extras. Also, someone left a huge bag of puzzles for us.  We were real excited because one was an Elvis puzzle.  We love Elvis! Since we don’t know who gave us the puzzles, if you are reading this we thank you. We keep a puzzle going all the time. Deb is our main puzzle worker. 

We visited Dogwood Plantation before the holiday.  We like to visit there. We are getting to know more people each time we go. We have always enjoyed visiting with Mrs. Davis, James’ grandmother, and Mr. Parker.  Ms. Lanta met us there and we sang. When we left Dogwood we went to Wendy’s for lunch. We ordered anything we wanted. Ms. Lanta and Mr. Parker went with us. Mr. Parker gave us money for our lunch. That was our first time to eat out this year. That trip was also the first time that we had to take the bus and our van.

Ms. Chrystal McBrayer from Baptist Hospital is still doing Healthy Habits with us each month.  She recently talked to us about brushing our teeth and taking care of them.  Dr. McClinton gave her toothbrushes for us.  We learned that you need to get a new tooth brush every few months.

I think you can see that we have  a lot to be thankful for, and not just at Thanksgiving. You will want to be sure and read next week to find out about our float for the Christmas parade.

 Justin Bates