Enjoying soccer season

I couldn’t tell you the first thing about soccer, well, besides the fact that they kick a ball around.
When I attended Ole Miss, I worked in the Athletics Media Relations office and opted to work more  with the sports I didn’t know as much about, soccer being the main one.
Granted, my job was sitting on the sideline and blowing an air horn to indicate substitutions (which I chose to do solely because I was able to use an air horn), but a bulk of my knowledge of the sport comes from working this job for the better part of two years.
I also played soccer with friends in my spare time. And by play, I mean, we kicked a ball around, while my friends and former players, Ryan and Virginia, tried to teach us some techniques (I was a lost cause, as you could imagine). I guess the main thing that kept me from playing in an actual game were Virginia’s numerous stories of how she “accidently” dislocated other girls kneecaps while in high school (this happened on multiple occasions, apparently).
I was excited to learn that one school in Union County has a soccer program, as it is a sport I’ve come to appreciate more over the last few years, so much, that I somehow managed to get my family to watch the World Cup last summer.
As I mentioned last week, this is still a sport, like hockey, that I have to watch in person. While I’ve come to enjoy soccer, I still can’t spend hours in front of a TV watching MLS or Premier League games, like my friends can.
Now, of course, I gripe like many others about the time of year Mississippi chooses to play soccer (a native Tennesseean, Virginia is still blown away by this), but I do have to commend the fans who brave the cold weather, especially for the night games, and even more so, the kids, who run around in shorts in temperatures I won’t even wear them in (and y’all know how backwards I am when it comes to the weather and my wardrobe).
While we’re about a month into the new season, I’m looking forward to watching a few games, and more so, the opportunity to shove kids out of the way to hog space by the heaters for the night games.
Okay, maybe not shove, just playfully push, but you get the idea.
Regardless, this is sure to be another exciting season, as the Bulldogs look to defend last year’s Division 1-4A championship and the Lady Bulldogs hope to make a return trip to the playoffs.
The games are pretty exciting and fun to watch, so if you have the time and are looking for a short break from basketball, you can watch their remaining home games at Kitchens’ Field.