Seven days to shine

Seven days from now thousands of pounds of food and toys will be delivered to needy families in the Gazette’s 36th annual Sharing at Christmas program.

The orders already have been placed with our food suppliers and toys are being purchased for 250 families that have qualified for the program. Last year 222 families were served, but the needs are greater this year.
What concerns us at this point is the status of the contribution thermometer on the front page of the Gazette. So far the Gazette has received only $8,465 toward the fundraising goal of $20,000.
We are hopeful that many of our readers have just not gotten around to it yet. We know that many traditionally wait until the last minute and we have faith in the generosity of our readers.
But a major influx of donations, both of money and toys, will be needed if this year’s campaign is to be successful. Christmas will be here before we know it.
A donation coupon appears in each issue of the Gazette. You can fill it out as a regular donation, or as a donation from you or your family in honor of someone you know, or in memory of someone deceased. We’ll print the names and amounts in each issue. The newest donations always will appear on the top of the list. We hope the list will be very long before Christmas.
Of course, if you prefer your contribution to be anonymous, just check the box on the coupon. We’ll honor your request.
If you can afford to make a donation, won’t you join those who already have given to make this year’s fundraising campaign successful?