Contributions reach $14,211 for ‘Sharing at Christmas’ fund

Gazette readers contributed $14,211 toward the 36th annual Sharing at Christmas program.

The program, sponsored by the Gazette, provided 250 families with food assistance and toys for their children during the holidays. Most of the food and toys were distributed Friday.
Each selected family received a large box of food. Families with children 10 and under in the home also received age-appropriate toys.
The Gazette’s Sharing at Christmas program accepts non-tax deductible donations of money and new toys from individuals, businesses and civic groups. All of the money collected goes to help those in need.
The list of donors to this year’s campaign:

Union Hill Methodist Church, Youth and Children, $200.
West Union Beta Club, toys.
Anonymous, in honor of “the Birthday Boy” and in memory of Ms. Paula Windham, $100.
Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Purvis, $25.
Robert and Norma Brownlee, in honor of Lorene Watson and Charlene Coker, $50.
Friendship United Methodist Church, $216.
Employees and stockholders of United Funeral and Bankhead Flower Shop, $270.
Mr. and Mrs. James Alridge, $50.
Tim and Sharon Floyd, $50.
Larry Rakestraw, in memory of Thomas Rakestraw, $50.
Barbara Rogers, in memory of Joseph Frayser, $50.
Kennon Scrap and customers, $156.
Benny and Barbara Owens, in memory of B.J. Owens, $30.
Camilla Kennedy, $25.
Lottie Smith, $25.
DeSoto Family Theatre, $15.
Ethan and Caleb Neal, in memory of A.J. and Addie Jarvis, and Pete and Christine Frazier, $100 and toys.
Pine Bluff MB Church, $100.
Hershel and Sandra Williams, in memory of Brooke Williams, $25.
New Albany Youth Main Street Association, toys.
Christmas in New Albany, the Tallahatchie River Players, and the New Albany Rotary Club, $1,500.
Gail Freeman, $25 and toys.
Will Norwood, toys.
Grandma Christine Bates, in memory of Billy Bates, $20.
Loraine and Cheryl Turner, in memory of Richard Turner, $50.
Terry and Karen Crane, in honor of Rev. and Mrs. Creighton White, $50.
Anonymous, $25.
Professional Billing and JME, in honor of Mark and Cathy Garrett, $150.
Ann Tharp, in honor of Ladies Sunday School Class, Parks Baptist Church, $50.
Mark and Patty Petteway, in honor of Annie Williams, $25.
Bobbye Ann Rorie, in memory of Otis Rorie, $100.
Salem United Methodist Church, $250.
Brenda Wood, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Joe K. Robbins, Jr., $50.
Anonymous, in honor of Dewey Davidson, $50.
Kenneth Morton, in memory of Gerald P. Maxey, $50.
Calvary Nite Circle, $100.
Phyllis Stanford, $100.
In honor of Hillcrest Sunday School Girls Class 1-2, toys.
Gates of Praise Ministries, toys.
Buzzy Clayton Sunday School, $200.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Russell, $50.
Graham and Sarah Spencer, $100.
Dr. Joe and Linda Martin, in memory of Linda Martin, $150.
Lugie Brown’s Sunday School Class, First Baptist Church, New Albany, $100.
Rita Ann Dillard, in memory of Mrs. Opal Russell, $25.
Anonymous, $50.
Nora R. Keasler, in memory of Hubert C. and Onice Hall, $100.
Annette and John Hickey, $50.
Myrtle United Methodist Ladies Circle, in memory of Elizabeth Gladney, $50.
New Albany Middle School FAC, $14 and toys.
Phillip Henry, $20.
Clyde Henry, $20.
Kathy Race, $20.
Blake Morman, in honor of his Pop and Granny, Sidney and Norma Morman, $40 and toys.
George and Helen Shelton, $50.
Flatwood Grove Church of the Living God, Act of Kindness Fund, $25.
Zion Chapel MB Church, Women’s Ministry, $100.
Anonymous, toys
Young at Heart, Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church, $50.
John Stroud Agency, $250.
Anonymous, $50.
New Albany Civitan Club, $100.
Elizabeth Foster, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Smith, $50.
New Albany High School 1960 Class Remembers, $240.
Larry and Lou McQuary, in memory of Dianna Swann, $50.
Anonymous. In honor of Dean Stimpson, $20.
Kaiden Gaines, toys.
Anonymous, $100.
Jane Myers, $100.
Maggie McKinney, toys.
Mississippi on Wheels, $200.
Union Prospect Baptist Church, $300.
Ingomar United Methodist Church Senior Ladies Sunday School, $25.
Jackie Wise, in honor of Kyle, Matt and Maggie Dodd, and Mckensie Wise, toys.
Calvary Methodist Children’s Department, $10.
Randy and Sherry Browning, $100.
William and Ann Bevill, $25.
Margaret Ellis Rogers, $25.
Ms. Jean Kent, in memory of James P. and Jerry Kent, $20.
Irene Jackson and Mary Pewett, in memory of their sister, Johnnie Laverne White, $30.
Don Parker, $300.
Anonymous, in memory of Lynn Gaines and Mable Grisham, $40.
Jeff and Kristen Olson, in memory of Tracy Olson, $100.
J.O.Y. Sunday School Class, Hillcrest Baptist Church, $50.
New Albany Rotary Club, $2,250.
Shelby Hare, in memory of Barbara Ford and David Bishop, $25.
Anonymous, $20.
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sullivan, in memory of Dr. Barry Sullivan, $35.
D.W. and Nancy Dewbre, $50 and toys.
Dr. R. H. Bostwick III, $100.
Perrin and Jean Drummond, $50.
Joe Robbins Jr., $50.
Anonymous, $5.
Parks Baptist Women Sunday School Class, in honor of Ann Tharp and Elaine Roberts, $100.
Anonymous, $10.
Winnie Wilson, in memory of Joey Wilson, $100.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Morgan, in honor of Zack and Betty Jo Stewart, $50.
Vance Corder, $25.
Laina Corder, $25.
The Independent Club, $25.
Margaret/Martha Swain, in honor of parents, $50.
Jerl Jeter, $100.
Wayne Smith, $50
George and Sandra Gafford, $25.
Anonymous, $100.
Ladies Adult III Class, Wallerville Baptist Church, in honor of teachers, Brenda Carr and Mable Gates, $100.
Anonymous, in honor of the staff and congregation of First United Methodist Church, $250.
First Baptist Church Wayne Neal Sunday School Class, $100.
Mary D. Patton, $20.
Roy E. Johnson, in memory of Eleanor Gray Johnson, $250.
Lottie Moorman, in honor of Billy Moorman, $50.
The Union County Literacy Council, in memory of Margaret Gaines, $100.
Anonymous, toys.
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Frohn, $300.
Dr. and Mrs. James Thornton, in memory of Dr. Bruce Bullwinkle, $50.
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Dodds, in memory of W.C. and Azie Lee Dodds, $100.
Emma Hillebrecht, in memory of Albert and Pauline Neumann, $50.
Anonymous, in memory of Joe Byers, $100.
Anonymous, $100.
Metal Management Mississippi, $500.
Marshall and Shelia Robbins, $250.
Helen and W.T. Bennett, $100.
Patty Barmer, toys.
Neta Thompson, toys
Lane and Marilyn Austin Heard, in honor of Mavis Heard, $100.
Doris Jackson, in memory of Virgil Jackson, $20.
Calvary Methodist Church Men’s Club, $250.
Frances L. Gardner, $25.
Anonymous, in memory of Sonny Faulkner, $25.
Anonymous, in memory of Dwight Williams, $25.
Rusty Killough, $20.
Anne J. Stephens, $100.
Junta Club, $50.
Zion Baptist Church, $200.
Anonymous, $25.
Margaret/Martha Swain, $50.
Jimmy Lindsey, $25.
David and Lynda Coleman, in memory of Paul Coleman, $50.
Wayne and Jenny Mitchell, $50.