Ecru News for Dec. 31, 2010

By Bonnie Todd

The descendents of Olen and Louise Simmons met for a Christmas get together at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Simmons and  family on  Dec. 18.  Attending were Mike and Pam Simmons and family; Larry and Joy Simmons and family; Joe and Sondra Waldrop and family; John and Donna Bailey and family.

Congratulations to Jade Dearman on being named to the President’s list of Scholars for the 2010 fall semester.
Ladies from Friendship Baptist Church will attend the Women’s Retreat, Jan. 21 and 22 in Fulton on the Tennessee-Tom.
Get well to Donald Andrews who has been under the weather.  We hope you will have a speedy recovery.
Mayor Tom Todd treated the town employees and board members to a Christmas meal on Tuesday, Dec. 21st.
Happy birthday to Chloe Holcomb and Jade Dearman who share Dec. 29 as their birthday.  Happy birthday wishes to Flake Mounce who will celebrate on Dec. 31.
Congratulations to Tom Todd who harvested an eight point buck on Dec. 24.
Classes resume at North Pontotoc on Jan. 4.