Ellistown Breezes for Dec. 31, 2010

By Margaret McCraw

This Friday completes the year.  We will leave 2010 with memories of a white Christmas.  Something I have seen in Mississippi only four times in my lifetime; 1962, 1963, 1964 and 2010.

I stayed five years in Chicago and only remember one Christmas that it didn’t snow. Of course, that was the one our “Yankee” classmates were planning to teach us “Rebels” some winter sports, and we were eagerly wanting to learn them.  Since that was the year it didn’t snow while we were out for Christmas break, I figure God had mercy on us and didn’t let anybody get broken bones.
However, I did try ice skating when the temperature was four degrees above zero.  After I had pulled everyone down who was trying to teach me to skate, we headed for a close by drugstore and drank hot cocoa to thaw out.  That was during the 50’s when I was in my early twenties and weighed 120 pounds.
We also close out the year with sad news. Another of our  Center High School friends went home to be with the Lord, Bud Dillard.  His brother, A.J., was buried just a few weeks ago. Deepest sympathy to his family, especially to his sister, Dorothy Dillard Purvis, who was also a student at Center High.  Bud was proud of his family and I purchased one of his son’s (Gary) instrumental recordings.  
He also loved woodworking and when I broke my wrist a few years ago he and his late wife came to visit me.  I had him make my Ladies Sunday School Class one of his napkin holders.  They each had carved on them “praying hands” and a cross.  
He made for me a stand that bears a heart in the center with a cross carved out in the center of the heart.  On each side of the heart he carved “never” on the left side, and “alone” on the right side, then underneath Deuteronomy 31:6. He had lost his wife about a year earlier than my husband died, which made me really appreciate his thoughtfulness.
I called Sue Pannell just now to find out how her daughter-in-law, Lynn Pannell, was doing after her throat surgery and she said she was doing fine and they were having trouble keeping her in bed. Lynn is the wife of Sue’s son, David Pannell.
I apologize to those who usually receive a Christmas card from me. I simply couldn’t get them ready this year, but I want you to know I really appreciate the ones I received and hope next year will be a better year for me.
Our group motored to Arkansas Christmas Eve for our Christmas at Patsy, Rob and Gwen’s. As usual we had a wonderful time and when we were ready to leave it began to sleet/snow and Rob made the comment that every Christmas Eve since they had been in their new home it had either rained, sleeted or snowed.  That was a true statement because the ones who have to drive a good distance remembered driving in the rain.  They did not have a white Christmas this year but get snows more frequently than we do in Mississippi.
I spent Christmas Eve night with Hugh, Cristie and Maggie. What a beautiful site were the tree limbs loaded with snow.  Cristie prepared one of Paula Dean’s breakfast potato casseroles for us, which was delicious, and afterwards Hugh takes Maggie outside for a snowball fight. He made the snowballs for Maggie, age two, but she really enjoyed pounding him with them.  She laughed each time she hit him and was beginning to make her own artillery when he brought her inside to warm up.  Hugh brought me home as they were driving back to Southaven to have dinner with his mom and sister’s family, then back home for their Christmas with immediate family.
Patsy came over Christmas Day and joined Mrs. Isabelle Scott’s family for their Christmas celebration.  Later, she went with Lane and Merrill and also visited Miss Kat who was unable to be home this Christmas.  She spent the night with me Saturday night, and visited Hugh’s family before driving back to Arkansas Sunday.