Analyzing dirty water

New Albany has begun a long-needed analysis of the problems and possible solutions associated with the city’s reputation for dirty water.

Bill Mattox, the new head of the Light, Gas and Water Department, is looking into the problem that has plagued city residents for many years.
At a meeting of the Board of Aldermen last week, Mattox said he should have his analysis complete within four to six months, including a list of options to deal with the situation.
Mattox said the rusty-water look that often is present in the city’s water is caused by iron and manganese.
City water now is treated for both substances. Much of the problem now surrounds line breaks, Mattox said.
We understand that fixing the problem may be expensive for the city, but not fixing the problem already is expensive for residents. The dirty water contributes to problems with homeowners’ washers, dishwashers, ice makers, as well as water lines.
A number of residents have told us their tales of discolored and ruined clothes, as well as expensive water filters.
So far, we have been impressed with Mattox’s candidness and business-like approach to the handling of his new job.
We think that keeping residents abreast at each step of the process of the issues involved in improving utility services will help build support for whatever revenue increase may be required to fix them.
We look forward to hearing his analysis of the fixes needed and their cost.