Banning pit bulls

The city of New Albany is considering a permanent ban on pit bulls within the city limits.

We are opposed to this proposal. We don’t think the city has any business telling individuals what kind of dog they can have as a pet.
That doesn’t mean we are not concerned about vicious dogs, but vicious dogs come in all breeds and sizes.
And we have an ordinance already on the books that deals with dangerous animals.
Under the proposal given to the Board of Aldermen by Jim Taylor, animal control officer, any owner of a pit bull would have two months to get the dog out of the city or face a $1,000 fine.
“I’ve goten numerous calls over the last two months on pits running loose in the city. Many of these dogs are dangerous and I just think a permanent ban on them in the city would help to resolve the problem,” Taylor told the board.
We think such an ordinance is unfair.
Pitt bull owners already have been singled out for a registration fee. There are 59 pit bulls legally registered.
Under New Albany’s current dog ordinance, dogs of any breed must be on a leash or kept in an enclosed area with a concrete surface, surrounded by a fence at least four-feet high. We need to enforce that ordinance.
Any breed of dog can be raised as a house pet and function just fine in the city.
What the city really needs to focus on is finding good homes for unwanted pets, and supporting a low-cost spay-and-neuter program to reduce the number of dogs that are picked up and killed each year by animal control.