Don’t ban pit bulls

Dear Editor:

I read Friday, Jan. 14, about the proposed ban discussed on pit bulls and had an aching numbness in my stomach because I am a proud owner of a loving family pit.
I think it is wrong to even propose a ban on them. If you do your research, pit bulls are not born vicious; they are made that way by their owners. I have neighbors whose dogs are not pit bulls that are extremely vicious, and I don’t see any proposed ban on them.
I did a lot of research before my family got a pit bull and I found that a Chihuahua is more likely to attack you than a pit bull will.
Instead of a ban, why can’t we have certain standards that owners should take with any kind of dog. Our school mascot at New Albany is a bulldog, but if you go online and look under bulldog breeds that are vicious, most would say our mascot falls under those terms.
Don’t discriminate against the breed before you get to know them. Please don’t ban the breed.

Vicky Ellis
New Albany