Duo arrested in credit card fraud

BNA Bank and New Albany Police Department investigators recently worked together to catch a Holly Springs man and a Sherman woman who are suspects in a recent credit card fraud case.

According to NAPD Investigator Chris Robertson, Tarvarus Faulkner, 23, of 2418 Highway 7 North in Holly Springs and Monica Cook, 25, of 202 East Witt Street, Apt. 20 in Sherman have been charged for allegedly stealing a BNA bank card and using it to fraudulently purchase several items online.
“On Dec. 23, Arnold G. Whitson of Community Ford found that several fraudulent transactions were made on his BNA Bank card,” Robertson said.  “[BNA Bank Assistant Vice President of Operations] Morgan Akins brought the paperwork to us showing us these purchases.”
Robertson said that there were purchases made online, including two 32 inch Sony flat screen television sets, and purchases of cigarettes and $30 in gas at two local gas stations.
“A majority of the items were caught by those companies’ fraud departments,” Robertson said.  “We saw that the two flat screens were delivered to a local address.  We then interviewed an elderly lady at that address and were told that one of the televisions was a Christmas present.”
From the interview, Robertson said they tracked down both Cook and Faulkner, who both stated that they had stolen Whitson’s bank card while they were having their car serviced at Community Ford.
Cook and Faulkner were both charged with felony fraudulent use of a credit card on Wednesday, Jan. 19.  Faulkner was also charged with burglary of an automobile.
Robertson said credit or debit card fraud has become a trend in recent months.
“We’ve probably seen about 15 to 20 in the last few months,” Robertson said.  “It’s really taking the place of check fraud.”
Akins agreed.
“I think it’s just that so many people use the debit card or credit card now, that it’s easier to do now,” Akins said.
Akins went on to thank the police department for its cooperation in the case and to state that BNA Bank will be dilligent in seeking justice in such cases.
“We will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law if we catch someone committing credit card fraud,” Akins said.  “That’s something that doesn’t go unnoticed.”