Former ‘Dawgs get second chance

Jaylon Mosley and Brandon Cook just want another chance on the gridiron. 

The former New Albany standouts have not played since high school, and despite an absence from the game, will now have a shot at their dream of playing at the next level, as they are charter members of the Lee County Tiger-Cats football team.

The Tiger-Cats are an expansion team of the Gridiron Developmental Football League, based out of Memphis,  Tenn. Last year was the inaugural year for the league, which now features 82 teams in 18 divisions, divided into two conferences (Impact and Xtreme).

Lee County is a member of the six-team Mid-South Division, along with others from Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas. Talking with the duo earlier this week, the former ‘Dawgs are excited for the chance to play at the next level.

“I’ve always wanted to play at the next level, but I wasn’t recruited out of high school,” Mosley said. “I heard about this and attended the tryout and made the team.”

Cook left New Albany High School in 2006 and was one of the top defensive backs for the Bulldogs. Not playing since his days at New Albany, Cook has easily transitioned back into playing.

“I thought it would be tough, but it was pretty easy. I still have the talent from high school. It’s not the same, but I made the team,” he said. 

“Overall, it’s been good, because I can try to make something better of myself and do something to good for New Albany.”

The GDFL plays during the summer with the league championship taking place in September. A professional minor-league organization, several semi-pro teams from other leagues have also joined on, and the league looks to be heading in the right direction considering the large response they have received in only their second year of existence.

The league has the total professional feel, as they host a combine for potential players, as well as a league championship and all-star game.

Many athletes, like the New Albany duo, now have an option to continue playing after high school, as the minimum age of eligibility is 18.    

The GDFL looks to be a an interesting attraction for families throughout the summer, and Mosley described it best by saying that he’s “just excited to get another chance.”

For more information on the GDFL, go to their website, 

 From there, you can go to the team page to learn more about the Tupelo Tiger-Cat organization.