Make Mississippi smoke free

Dear Editor:

Having worked for years in a business that allows smoking, having been associated with the American Cancer Society for 13 years, and as someone allergic to smoke, I was thrilled to read your Dec. 30 editorial, “Toyota and tobacco,” and learn that all tobacco use will be banned at the new Toyota plant in Union County.

I commend Toyota for protecting the health of their employees, but there are still an untold number of other people who are subjected to second-hand smoke in the workplace every day. These people deserve to be protected, too.
The scientific evidence indicates that there is no risk-free level if exposure to second-hand smoke. Mississippi needs to pass a statewide smoke-free law that protects every single employee, including those who work in bars, restaurants and casinos.
The members of our legislature have the power to pass this law and they should. All workers deserve equal protection from the dangers of second-hand smoke.

Jean Spence