Thanks for inclement weather help

Dear Editor:

    For the New Albany and Union County school districts, this has been a very challenging year in relation to inclement weather and the decision making process related to inclement weather.

    Many people assist us in this effort. Supervisors get out early and late to grade roads and bridges, put out salt, slag, or other substances to get the roads ready for travel.
    In addition to driving the roads ourselves, we work with our law enforcement agencies to gather information related to road conditions. Our bus drivers have done a great job in safely delivering our students to and from school on a daily basis.
    We, along with New Albany Transportation Director Lecia Stubblefield, Assistant Transportation Director Larry Pannell, and New Albany/Union County Bus Shop Supervisor Harold Hill, would like to thank and recognize the following for their assistance:
    Supervisors Danny Jordan, Benny Rakestraw, Sammy Coffey, Dwight Pickens and Randy Owens; Chief David Grisham and the New Albany Police Department; Sheriff Tommy Wilhite and the Union County Sheriff’s Department; the Mississippi Highway Patrol, New Albany; the Mississippi Department of Transportation, and Wayne Treadaway and the New Albany Street Department.
    We appreciate every effort on behalf of our students and staff.

Dr. Charles E. Garrett Jr.
New Albany Schools

Ken Basil
Union County Schools