Bowling championship draws near

  An activity that often gets overlooked, even by myself, is bowling. Like archery, these are sports that are growing in popularity in the area, and Union County is no exception, boasting talented squads each year from both West Union and East Union.

While the county has crowned three champions in bowling in as many years, I have yet to actually make it to a match, which is a shame and something I hate to admit.

When I interviewed East Union’s boys team after their second state title last spring, Coach Brad Browning and the guys described the atmosphere as it was a close battle for the title, and not only that, but how West Union supported them despite not making it to the finals. At that point, I vowed that I would find time to make it to at least one match this year.

As you can tell from previous issues, I haven’t quite held my end of the deal there, but all of that will change on Friday, as I will make the trip to Tupelo to watch both West Union and East Union in the Class I State Qualifying round at Rebel Lanes.

My co-worker, Angie, is probably the only person I know who loves watching ESPN only for their coverage of billiards and bowling. While many, like myself, ignore that afternoon line-up every Sunday, she’s intrigued by them. 

Now I’m not opposed to the sport, by any means, but I definitely lack knowledge, as I have only played myself a handful of times. I could go into detail as to how that went, but just know I throw the ball more than trying to roll it down the lane, and the only way I’m competitive against my friends is if they allow me to use the bumpers.

I’m not quite sure how to even cover a bowling match, but I’m excited to parade around with my new camera and come up with different shots. This will be a challenge, but I do love a good challenge from time to time.

I’m sure that the atmosphere that was described to me last year will be seen once more at Friday's match, and I look forward to meeting some of these kids and seeing what it is they love about this sport and how they’ve become so good so soon. Keep in mind, most of the kids who participate are new to the sport, so it really is a tribute to the coaches at each school for shaping them into a competitive squad each year.

Hopefully a lot of you reading will be out there to support the Eagles and Urchins. This is sure to be an exciting event, which will hopefully lead to another state championship for one or both of the respective schools.

 And they probably won’t use bumpers.