Honoring Eli Whiteside

Dear Editor:

One of the incalculable benefits of living in a small town, albeit one as great as New Albany, is the opportunity to exalt the accomplishments of its fellow citizens. One such point of pride for the city is inevitably Eli Whiteside’s attainment of a World Series championship as a member of the San Francisco Giants baseball team.
While I commend the city for the declaration of Eli Whiteside Day, my wife and I were both sorely disappointed with how the city, namely the city’s leadership, chose to handle the occasion. Eli, despite being in off-season, has a full schedule to contend with, and he was only informed of the honor the afternoon before. At the honorary event itself, which was held at New Albany High School, there were only a handful of attendees (minus the students), which included Eli’s family members and only one city alderman.
No local residents were informed of the ceremony. The event was seemingly put together last minute, and I’m perplexed as to what that the was the case. I’m disappointed in the city’s leadership for not attending the festivities, especially considering the fact that Eli was presented with a key to the city. Their absence for such a presentation demonstrates irreverence for the city’s ceremonial practices and a flippant disregard for the accomplishments of New Albany citizens.
I’m certain they have busy schedules themselves, but that should have been taken into consideration before the planning of Eli Whiteside Day. It’s commendable that such as day was organized, but when a citywide celebration is created, it should be taken seriously and thoroughly planned in order to allow for all citizens to take part.

Bob and Paulette Cossitt
New Albany