Eastern Lights, February 25, 2011

Good cloudy morning to all of you.  By the time you read this, the weather will have changed several times. Don’t panic – it will be Spring very soon.

My granddaughter Jamie had a report on the Great Depression today.  I told her we are in a lot better condition now than then, although things are not good.

It is hard to think of doing without electricity, running water, turning a knob for natural gas, etc. But the water we drew with a rope and bucket out of a deep was cold and so very good to drink.

Even our milk comes from big dairy farms and is processed.  Our grandchildren don’t know what real butter is.

We had plenty to eat because we grew everything from meat to vegetables.  Everything but flour and you could get twenty-five pound for $1.25 that was if you could get $1.25.  Money was out of sight but it didn’t hurt too bad because no one had any.

Happy birthday to Diane Tigrett on March 21, to Leslie Brady, Scott Brady, Leon Hall and Chad Jarvis all on March 24, to Dan Beaty, Hubert Smithey, Colby Pannell, Kay Whitten, and Lindsay Hodges on March 25, to Patty Wright, Olivia Porch, Becky Hogue, Terry Buse, and Logan Graves on March 27, and to David Yancey on March 28.

Best wishes to Luther Davis who is a patient at North Mississippi Medical Center.

Nannie Lee Coker visited Annie Bell Coker and Curtis Easley at the Union County Health and Rehab Monday morning.  She had a good visit and they were glad to see one another.

A very belated happy 98th birthday to Mrs. Flora Martin on Feb. 5.  

 May God bless you in the years to come.