Hurricane News, February 23, 2011

A look at the calendar shows that February is quickly coming to an end, and daylight savings time will begin on March 13.  Spring officially begins on March 20.  The jonquils are beginning bloom at the old High place that enters Ty Whiskey Bottom as the long-handled well pump stands close to the old house site as well as crape myrtles.  That family was one of the many from the community

that made the GTT exodus (Gone to Texas)following the Civil War.  A lady at Rocky Ford showed me a table that had GTT marked on it as the Wash Norwood family left it at their home, and it was a sign to let neighbors know that they were gone and that they were welcome to the household goods left behind.  By the early 1900’s these families that left were established in their new homes.  Trips into Indian Territory in Oklahoma are also part of the lore and legend as these settlers often ventured there for economical purposes, but would return to our community to live.  A note from Donald and Doris Graham of Loraine, Texas, was enjoyed as they sent birthday greetings.  They are always at the Warren-Graham Reunions.  The Texans will host this year’s events in late July with those from New Mexico, Oklahoma, and California attending as well. 

Birthday wishes to Rayburn Williams who will celebrate his 91st on Feb. 25.  He is one of those Americans that Tom Brokaw labeled as “America’s greatest generation” that experienced the Great Depression and began working for the CCC as he traveled to California.  Then during WWII he served in the Pacific Theater.  For the past 25 years he and his wife, Bernice Corrinne(Sills)Williams have enjoyed their retirement at their Duncan Creek neighborhood home.  They had lived in Aurora, Illinois, for almost 30 years prior to this.  By the way, these residents always keep one of the neatest lawns in Hurricane as they tend to their gardening chores themselves. 

Congratulations to Dr. John Mitchell of Pontotoc who was recently featured as doctor of the day during a Mississippi Legislative Session.  Dr. John is the grandson of the late Lawrence and McHulda(Montgomery)Graham of Sand Springs. 

Dot Caples enjoyed having her daughter, Regina Smith of New Orleans, home for the weekend as they attended the morning service at Hurricane Baptist on Feb. 20.  Also attending was Nelda Morgan of Hernando as she came with her mom, Geraldine Burchfield.     

Get well wishes to Ruby Jeaul Goggans, Charlotte Hooker, Betty Grisham, Bobbie Crouch, Irene Willianms, Tim Ross, and Rayburn Williams.         

Congratulations to Briana Spears of NPAC who received a scholarship to attend ICC.  She is the daughter of Mitch and Kristin Spears. 

Birthday wishes to Betty Stubblefield and to Harold Jumper.

Ladies of Hurricane Baptist Church contact Mrs. Perri Brock, if you would like to attend a ladies conference at Bethel Baptist Church in Walls on April 8-9.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Inez(Todd)Robison, who at age 94, was the oldest member of Hurricane Baptist Church.  Aunt Inez resided at her home at Sand Springs and was cared for by her daughters, Mary Coker, Lyn Spears and Annette Benjamin, as well as other family members during the past month as she was a patient at BMH-Oxford. She loved her community and was always on the go as she loved to travel with her girls and with her nieces.  I almost forgot that she definitely loved her high heels as she could still take the stairs in them even after her 90th birthday.  Every April 14, the Todds and the Robisons met at Sand Springs Church to celebrate her birthday as she enjoyed life so.  Interment was at Sand Springs Cemetery on Feb. 18.

Community Yesteryears-March 21, 1941–The Senior Class presented “The Old Crab”, a three-act play.  Class members were as follows:  James Gullick, J.C. Hearn, Lessie Kidd, Florence New, Reba Spears, Doice Whitehead, Leah Harris, James Horton, Blanche Moore, Ruth Russell, Hazel Warren, and Onice Williams.