Playhouse, February 23, 2011

The view outside my “playhouse” doesn’t extend for great distances. I’m content and blessed to see the grandchildren growing, our children maturing spiritually, and families and friends expanding and increasing in value. Most would call it the “simple” life.

However, if I step away from my small world syndrome, pull the shades for a broader view, I watch history being made. A sea of Egyptian bodies changed their country’s leadership by mass protest while I watched out my window via satellite this month. The mummified pharaohs would have been awe-struck had they the ability to witness this transfer of power. I celebrated with the Egyptians over their new-birthed liberation.

The view was closer when I looked north to Wisconsin this past week. A governor trying to fulfill his promises of a balanced budget met with a rise of opposition from the labor unions. The capitol was overrun with angry educators shouting insults at the governor – educators who called in “sick” in order to attend the protest rallies in mass – the same educators who implant their ideals in the minds of America’s young. It was a frightening view. Our founding fathers would certainly be grieved over such irresponsible, dishonest behavior of its citizens.

On another day I opened a small window on the internet to research the “A” word. I dare not use the entire word because of the controversy it initiates. Some describe it as a woman’s right. Others see it as a sin against God since He is the Creator of all life.

As I sat at my tiny window studying the statistics of that horrific termination of life, I began to weep. First I wept for the unborn who had no voice to make their plea. Then I wept for myself and others who have voices but remain silent and comfortable with our “simple” lives.

Stop and watch the second hand on a clock. For every 26 seconds, the “A” word is responsible for the legal termination of an unborn child. That adds up to over a million a year in our nation that boasts in “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all of its citizens!

I turned from that tiny window to another with its view across the horizon. It didn’t seem too far in the distance. It was God’s judgment walled off and held back from America by His mercy and grace. But the blood of the innocent cry out and God always hears. Whether we act from fear of His approaching judgment or heartfelt compassion for the innocent who have no defense of their own, we MUST act.