Center Hill News, March 2, 2011

By Jill Herring


Bro. Brandon brought two fantastic messages this past Sunday. He is doing an outstanding job and we are thankful for the incredible messages he brings. March 6th, we will have a Gideon Speaker for the morning service. Spring Revival will start at 6 p.m. Sunday, March 27 through Thursday, March 31.  Bro. David Barnett from Shady Grove Baptist Church will bring the messages each night.

Congratulations to Dana and Jeremy Lessel on the birth of their son, Jesse Daniel. Dana’s sister, Lacey Pannell and her husband, Ben, are also expecting a little boy pretty soon. 

Some ladies of the community went shopping in Memphis Saturday, they reported having a great time and found some very good bargains. We’re glad they had a safe trip and returned with a few items from their excursion.

The youth have been working very hard on their puppet skits and have done an excellent job singing in the children’s choir on Sunday night. We are very proud of them! A big “Thank You” to Tim and Sheila for working extremely hard with our youth group. Remember, Team Kids Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. They are doing great things with the youth up there.

I visited with my grandparents, Virgil and Frances Herring, Sunday afternoon. They are doing about the same. Granddaddy won ‘Caregiver of the Year’ from the Sanctuary Hospice House for his dedication and commitment of taking care of Grandmother. 

Please remember Mr. Frank Hutcheson, Mrs. Frankie Lee Reeder, Mrs. Frances Herring, and the rest of the sick in your prayers.

 Well, that’s all the news I have for this week. Take care and God bless!