Support our events

Too often we hear people suggest that there is not enough to do in New Albany. We suppose that depends on how active a person or family you have, but mostly we don’t subscribe to that view.

What we do believe, though, is that to keep the events we have and to increase their number, we need to support them with our attendance.
One of those opportunities to show support is coming up Sunday, March 27. The Tupelo Symphony Orchestra will be in New Albany for a 2 p.m. concert. This year the symphony will perform a concert version of John Phillip Sousa’s “El Capitan.”
This will be the third time that the symphony has come to New Albany. The first year, the performance at the Magnolia Civic Center attracted about 330 people, according to Phil Nanney at the Union County Development Association. Attendance last year was down, with an estimate of about 250.
This year the concert was moved to the New Albany High School auditorium because the 60-piece symphony will be joined by an 80-voice chorus from Mississippi State University. A bigger stage than available at the civic center is required.
A bigger stage also means more seats. Nearly 1,000 people can be accommodated at the high school and a crowd similar is size to last year will look really sparse.
You can help solve the problem by supporting this event. Tickets are $10 for general admission or $15 for reserved seats at the development association office on Bankhead Street.
Having the symphony on our annual cultural and entertainment calendar is important. Let’s do our part to keep it there.