Charity giving

The United Way campaign results for Union County were released this week and they were a bit disappointing.

Even though giving was up in total in the seven-county campaign area of the United Way of Northeast Mississippi, the money available from Union County contributions actually decreased slightly.
The Union County allocations committee was able to allocate $91,250 for agencies that benefit Union Countians, down $300 from the prior year.
We had expected charity giving in the county would increase, as it did last year.
The prior year allocation was only $62,198.
The largest benefactors of Union County giving for this year are the Boys and Girls Clubs with $20,000, the Good Samaritan Food Pantry with $16,000, the New Haven School with $11,000, and the Salvation Army with $7,000.
Twenty-one other agencies that help Union Countians in need received the rest.
We support the allocations committee’s decision to reduce the American Red Cross amount to $4,000 this year, from $8,000 last year, after the Red Cross reduced its local presence in New Albany. The county now is served by a regional office in Tupelo.
We continue to be concerned that many of the employers and businesses in our community do not take part in the campaign and do not allow solicitation of their employees by the community’s major charity organization.
Until that is rectified, it is doubtful that charitable giving to the United Way will increase dramatically.