Ellistown Breezes, March 2, 2011

Thank the Lord again for not letting us suffer loses due to bad weather this stormy Monday morning. We had just a little hail about the size of a marble, a heavy downpour, a little wind, and the clouds were on their way. The sun came out to make for a beautiful day as our weather turns a little cooler. 

I received a call last week from Mark Pannell, of Magee, Mississippi. He wants everyone to know that he is okay and will celebrate his 50th birthday March 1st. May you enjoy many more. 

I want to wish “Miss Kat McNutt” a Happy 97th Birthday Sunday, March 6th, also Opal Speck on Tuesday. March 8. 

Did Maggie Elizabeth McCraw have a Third Birthday Party to forever remember? Her parents had the Family Center beautifully decorated for a “Fifties Party.” Her little friends came first and then the family. I wish you could have seen her little red headed cousin, Jaden Snyder, drive her pink Barbie car into the building. She screamed in delight when she saw them and immediately took over the driving. There was no doubt in my mind that a McCraw foot was on the gas peddle because it took off wide open and it was every man for himself. Not really, but they really enjoyed the car. 

David Pannell drove his step-daughter, Emily, to Memphis last week to see her eye doctor. 

I talked with Carolyn McCraw last week and she had been unable to take her chemo treatment because her blood did not test good. She was hoping to take it within a few days. 

Ken and June Briggs lest last Saturday going to North Carolina to visit Ken’s Mother who is now in a nursing home. 

At this writing, my cousin‘s wife, Sula Vae Armstrong Roberts, is still in St. Francis Hospital in Memphis fighting to stay with us. Her husband, Hulan, stays with her during the week. 

Sid and Imogene Priest drove to Vicksburg last week to visit one of their sons. Imogene’s mother, Buple Childress, said Sid had a doctor’s appointment in Jackson on Monday and she did not know if they would go back to their son’s and do some fishing, or come on home. 

 Brotherhood Sunday, will be at 7 a.m., March 6 in the Fellowship Hall.  They invite you to join them for food and fellowship.