Curb appeal important

The importance of making a good first impression as a community cannot be overstated. Curb appeal is as important, or more so, in selling a community as in selling a house.

It doesn’t matter whether we are trying to attract a major manufacturer or a retired couple to our community. The recruitment principle is the same.
Whit Hughes, deputy director of the Mississippi Development Authority, was in town last week and he stressed that a community needs to think of itself as a product competing against other communities.
And he said is up to the community’s leaders to develop a “product” that is as good as or better than other communities.
Everything from the curb appeal of the community and its entrances to the quality of its internet site is important to make the initial cut for a company looking for a location for a manufacturing plant or business, he said.
Hughes said New Albany and Union County needs a game plan on the shelf for a spur of the moment walk-in visit by a corporate executive.
Everyone should know what to say and what not to say, he added.
He suggested that people who have lived all their lives in a community sometimes overlook things that are troubling to first-time visitors or prospective economic developers.
We think Hughes makes excellent points. We question how well prepared we are with an “instant game plan” and whether we are paying enough attention to sprucing up the community’s curb appeal.
Little things do make a difference, and we need to be sure we’re doing our best with the details.