Improving appearance

The New Albany Board of Aldermen has taken the first step in what needs to be a sustained undertaking to improve appearance and livability of our neighborhoods.

The board vote unanimously to require the owners of four properties to bulldoze the dilapidated structures there within 60 days or the city will do the job at the owners’ expense.
According to the city, the structures and their listed owners are 409 Broad St., Marshall Pedigo; 405 Broad St., E & E Enterprises (John Ellis); 410 North St., Thomas Sanford, and 209 Highland St., Mark Stevens.
At the same time, the board also voted to require Julius Morris, owner of property at 1117 Rosewood, to cleanup debris on the property within 60 days or the city will do so.
The city has gotten a start at dealing with a messy situation that makes parts of the city unattractive to visitors and residents alike. And a situation that has contributed to neighborhood blight and a decline in property values.
There are many properties – commercial, residential and rental residential – in the city that need attention. A forceful cleanup, fix-up campaign combined with enacting minimum standards for rental housing would go a long way toward making our community an even better place to live.
We commend the mayor and the board of aldermen for getting this program under way. It now needs to move forward with dispatch.