Preparing for spring practice

Spring football is less than a month away, and for Scott Duley and the Union County squad, they have a lot more to look forward to heading into their first season playing a full varsity schedule.
“We’ve planned eight games as of right now with an open date that we hope to fill,” Duley said of the county’s 2011 slate.
“We will keep the same staff, but that staff will have a lot on their shoulders with fielding a varsity team as well as continuing work with the junior high kids. There’s going to be a big difference in playing a school’s varsity squad as opposed to their junior varsity, and it’s going to take a lot of work and long nights for us to fully prepare and play at the level I know we can play at.”
The season opener is still months away, and there’s plenty of time to focus on that later, but in the immediate future, a lot of changes are happening at the county schools, as Myrtle and Ingomar are building weight rooms, a necessity for the weight program Duley started this offseason.
“Ingomar is almost finished with their building, and Myrtle just laid the slab for theirs, so we’re hoping to have those running soon, and this is something that will not only benefit football, but the other sports as well,” Duley said. “The school board has been great in helping us get to where we need to be in this area, and our hope is to work three days a week with the kids throughout the summer.”
As far as spring practice for his team, working around various spring sport schedules creates logistical problems, but Duley hopes to work through those.
“A normal school will have to work with baseball as far as having kids available, but for us, we have schools with baseball and archery, and every kid at East Union participating in football is currently involved with one of those, so we may open spring practice with three kids,” Duley said. “With that said, we’re willing to work on a different schedule so that we’re able to have as many kids as possible work out this spring.”
The county football squad still has several issues to work through, but with the help of area schools, look forward to running their first varsity season with ease and continue to show signs of moving in the right direction.
Note that New Albany will return to the gridiron in spring practice  April 24 through May 13.