Patterson runs for 1st district supervisor

Union County resident Paul Patterson is seeking the office of supervisor for Union County’s 1st District.

Patterson, a lifelong resident of the town of Myrtle, has been working and traveling over the country for the past 20 years as a salesman in the automotive industry, dealing with car manufacturing plants and small business.  
He is married to April Patterson and together they have three children, Emma, Jackson and Merhetta.
Patterson said that, if elected as supervisor, he would place emphasis on improving county roads.
“Our roads could use alot of improvement,” Patterson said. “Some of the roads need major work some seem like roller coaster rides.  I will try and get more state aid roads and repair them.”
Patterson said he would also be in full support of the Union County School District and the Union County Sheriff’s Department, as well as instituting a recycling program and animal control program.
“We have some of the best teachers in the country and I will offer the district my full support,” Patterson said.  “I will also make sure that our sheriff has my full support for drug and crime in union county so we can sleep safe in our county.  I will also look for government grants [for recycling and animal control].”