Space for New Haven

The New Haven Center for Special Needs Adults has taken a necessary step to insure it will have space to expand the facility.

New Haven Director Collett Cross announced Tuesday that the school on Garfield Street in New Albany has purchased two adjoining properties. The properties, owned by Mildred Churchill and David McCord, face North Street and share a back property line with New Haven.
New Haven has grown from 21 clients a year ago to serving about 30 today. Client families pay $20 a month to have a client in the school, which offers day programs.
New Haven is funded primarily by tax dollars from Union County, New Albany and the United Way as well as donations from individuals, churches, civic clubs and businesses.
Last year the school conducted a fundraising campaign to purchase a 28-passenger bus through a fund of money earmarked for special projects. The property purchase was made from the same fund.
Cross said the current building is reaching capacity and the school needs to expand.
At least 30 other people in the community are potential clients if the school had the facilities to serve them.
No final plan has been developed for use of the new property. Several ideas are being discussed including a shelter workshop, a respite area for family members or a residential hall for clients.
New Haven serves a real need in our community and the acquisition of property for expansion assures a future for the school at its current site. It was the right thing to do.